Tuesday, July 12, 2016

RumHaven and Laughter

So I had thought about attempting Vlogging. You know, where ya carry your camera around and record yourself....yep no. Unless it's totally spontaneous, so not happening!
My attempt was hilarious and an utter fail!
So instead I'll just leave my thoughts right here until I figure out that whole recording shenanigans! I still wanna do it....buuuut just not right now!
So the whole point of this entry is to fill you guys  in on one of my summer picks!!!
Rumhaven Coconut Rum
It's a deliciously smooth coconut rum that I enjoy straight out of the bottle! What makes this coconut rum so seamlessly smooth is how the creators blend premium Caribbean rum with a smooth coconut water! This rum has no syrupy sun tanning lotiony after taste!!!
I have been an avid drinker of Cruzan Coconut Rum, Malibu Rum, and Parrot Bay. Rumhaven has kicked all other bottles out of my house and replaced them! I highly suggest you try a bottle for yourself.
Now the big queation. How to mix it.
I prefer things simple and easy with little fuss...normally. Bahahaha!
My two favorite ways to enjoy RumHaven are:
Drink 1:
Fresh Lime.
RumHaven Coconut Rum.
Sip and enjoy!
Depending on the size of the lime will depend on how much you use. Think generous!!! At the very least a quarter wedge is good! It is rare to have to much Fresh lime in your drink!
Drink 2:
Fresh Lime.
1/3-1/2 of the glass RumHaven Coconut Rum
Top off with Sprite.
Stir and enjoy!!!
I specifically say Sprite because of the specific taste and fizziness! 7up just comes across as to bland, but will be ok.
Now what makes this the best pool drink are a few things.
1. It's simple and portable.
Pour some Rumhaven into a water bottle and label it with a skull and crossbones!
Pre-cut some limes and keep them in a ziploc  and you are good to go for over ice and no hassle!
3. Prep your RumHaven and sprite in 20oz bottles before going poolside and
-no need to measure.
-worry about glass
-or share your loot!
4. Just like most flavored rums the alcohol content is lower so you won't be shit faced at the pool, but very laidback and cool instead!
5. Buzzed, not shit faced makes sure you keep your new friends!
Now, I've enjoyed the shits and the giggles.
I'll keep the giggles and you take the shits,
And I'll see your happy asses next time round!
Thanks to all my faithful readers!
You make this all worth it!
Dottie >^_^<

P.S. My sprite was flat, my lime went bad and I really wanted a drink! This in part influenced my need to post on my blog. So in my picture I have mixed Rumhaven with Gatorade Frost Cherry. Not awful, but not the best either. .....man I wish I had a lime right now. -_-