Tuesday, June 14, 2016

 Where has all the time gone! I have been away for ages! I have had a few of my faithful readers ask me what the fuck was I doing? Would I be updating anymore? As I have stated more then a few times I just needed to take a moment to be a mom. IT HAS BEEN AH-MAZING!!!

What made me decide to start blogging again?

Well, I've come across a few favorite drinks at work! I just can't stop talking about them!

NOPE! I won't be telling you about them this entry. I want to give them their own crowning glory each!

I am debating about starting a youtube channel up!
1. I think it would be a lot of fun!
2. A great way to demonstrate some simple drink making skills.
4. Cooking/baking fun.
3. The shits and the giggles!!!

^^^notice that I can't count....Decided to leave it cause I think my train of thought was kinda funny!

I won't be starting that until August. If I decide to go ahead with it. If I do, I have plans to update about once a week.

Give me some feedback on this faithful followers! I'd love to know if this might be something you might want to see! Also what you might want to see me make! Either drink or food!

Happy reading my Faithful Readers!
Ms. Amazing >^_^<