Monday, April 14, 2014

Is it true?

Hooray for Spring....

-takes a moment to think about the full impact of this-

Yes, thinking of the impact on everyone's noses!!! Egad!!
Please Don't sneeze on me!

Moving on.......So I have been in the kitchen rocking out a new recipe. The only thing is that I Made a small patch of  the cake. I still need to make a large one to see how it comes out. What is it? I'm not telling! I will give you a hint though. I used Jager Spice in it.

    YES!!!! THe Jager Spice is actually really amzing! Super smooth and full of flavor! It starts off with a soft vanilla cinnamon note and moves onto the classic Jager flavor that underlies and enhances the smooth combo! I am in LOOOOVE!!!
    I have only tried it straight up and in the cake I've made. I still have more food plans for it! BUT!!! During last christmas when it was introduced to us, my co workers tried it with Eggnog and loved it! Room temp is best and suggested for it. That doesn't mean it's the only way to drink it though! I look forward to trying out other drink ideas with it on top of this all......maybe while I make the larger cake! Woohoo!!!!

   Now That I have re-entered the world of blogging once more I hope to show my ass a bit more! Thank you to all  my dedicated readers who have kept tabs
on me and my slow posting ass! Thank you to all my new readers who have taken the time to check out my shenanigans here!
On that note!
Everyone Have an amazing time trying out one or the other of my wonderful recipes here!

The Amazing Dottie ^_^