Saturday, February 1, 2014

Vegan Tofu Salad

Hello my faithful and new readers!
   My Best (GA) Friend, Sara, is a vegan. Normally you might think...oh of those! What a pain in the ass to go out with to get a bite to eat. We can't eat there because it doesn't have anything they can eat. Or we can't eat there because they might find it offensive. And blah blah blah.

   I love meat. Period end of story. I love to smother it in real butter and mushrooms. I love to make sandwiches out of it. I love to eat a huge hunk of it on my plate! What's great....she doesn't mind. She understands it's her choice to be the way she is and to eat as she does. She respects me and I respect her and it's why we are best friends!

   Sara knows how I hate to drive. So she is ok with driving out to my house once a week and we hang out. Get our bestie time in! I'm not going to really go out of my way to have vegan things in my house. Guess what.....I don't have to. I love to create fun new vegan recipes and try them out on her! Let me tell you something....they are actually really yummy! So it works....She drives to my house. I cook some yummy vegan shit....and we are both happy without having to spend a shit ton of money to go out to eat somewhere that may or may not have something she can eat.

  It's really simple. I just check the ingredients out. Ask her about anything in particular. Make a list and see if Kroger or Walmart carry it. Kroger in general has everything I need! It's also inexpensive! The only things I've really gone out of my way to get is Silk vanilla almond milk, Earth Balance vegan butter, and Agave Nectar. That's it. Now that it's becoming our weekly tradition I'm slowly adding to my vegan pantry. I'm enjoying the challenge of coming up with something new each week for us.

So this past week I was having a craving for Fried Tofu. I had this at work a few times and looooove it! So decided to try making it myself. It worked! The salad came out delicious!

Fried Tofu Salad.
Firm Tofu
fried onions (you know the canned ones!)
Extra virgin olive oil
Apple cider vinegar

Follow these directions for awsome tofu!

Rinse your spinach..
Slice your apple and baby carrots.
Pile them on top of the spinach.
Drizzle a bit of extra virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar over it.
Top with the tofu and fried onion pieces.
And there you go! A delicious Fried Tofu Salad!

This has great flavor and is actually good for you as well. So bonus!!!
And NO!!!! No calorie counting allowed on my blog!
So, no, I don't have a calorie count for you.
You should enjoy food. Not stress over it!

Happy Eating!
Dottie ^_^