Thursday, January 16, 2014

two months!!! REALLY!!!!

Egad! has it really been TWO whole months since I last posted on here! WOW!!!! Talk about a Lazy ass! Ok I actually have a valid reason why I haven't posted.....well two actually.

Reason 1: I and my family were sick. When I say sick....I mean SICK! I was the worst off. Which is ok because I handle it better. All better now. Yay!!!

Reason 2: I am actually working on creating my own business. Does it have to do with food.....not at the moment. But, that is never far from my little thoughts! It's a body care line of products. So that is what I have been researching and cooking in my kitchen!

Where is the food you ask? Well, I did manage to put something together today. Super simple and super easy!

Easy Cinnamon Rolls
1 can biscuits

1 Tbs butter (room temp)
Splash of milk
Powder sugar

Grab a pan and spray it down.
Preheat your oven as the directions on the biscuits say.
open said can of biscuits.
Place on pan.
Sprinkle with sugar, then cinnamon.
Bake according to directions.

Using a fork. place butter and three spoons of powder sugar in a bowl.
Smash the butter into the sugar until it is tiny tiny crumbles.
easier to do then you think.
add a splash of milk.
now alternate between powder sugar and milk until you get the consistency you want.
I prefer mine think because it melts down so nicely on the hot biscuits!

When the biscuits come out, place a spoonful of icing in the center of each biscuit.
No need to smear it! it will melt and dribble all over the biscuit perfectly!

Nice easy and no fuss!

wanna add a kick? Instead of using milk use your favorite liqueur!
Baileys and Fireball are two great choices!

Hopefully I'll get my act back together and start getting shit posted!
Take care and happy eating!!!!
Dottie ^_^