Friday, September 6, 2013


-looks up at link. deliriously happy face-

When Redd's came out with their apple ale all I could think of was....this can't get any better! OH but wait!

IT DID!!!!!!

Redd's then came out with a STRAWBERRY ale!!!!

I had been off for my regular two days in a row. Oblivious to the little fact that something new and delicious was arriving at work! Then while ringing someone up...plop....a 6 pack of redd's....strawberry?! WHAAAAA! My eyes pop open....all I could say was...."whaaaa!" While pointing at it and looking around for boss man. "when did this happen!" To say the least gentlemen had to laugh at me. I was rather silly in my happy surprise.

So off I go to check it out! Then the -oh me so happy!- look crosses my face as not only a 6 pack is there but, lo and behold a 12 pack!!!!!! Now keep in my mind I've never tried this! Oh, but the excitement is there! So by the time I get off at closing that night I'm super excited to get home and try it out!

After the first crisp pop of the top....the delightful scent of a clean ale...enfolded into the scent is that of fresh strawberries. Memories of bright summer days, picking fresh strawberries and popping them straight into your mouth. The burst of fresh sweetness pouring down your throat as you devour one after another! This is what I'm reminded of every and each time I pop open a new bottle! The deliverance of flavor and crispness of taste is to be sought after in every bottle! They have gone beyond my expectation!


I will say, I find that their apple is not as sweet as the strawberry. Which makes me happy and gives me a choice depending on my mood! Happy drink and stop by for your six or twelve pack! I'll be there!

Dottie ^_^

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