Friday, September 6, 2013

August where did you go?

WOW!!!! I just realized I haven't posted anything in all of August! What HAPPENED!!!!!

Allow me to fill you in!
My oldest, Marilyn Deville, Started Pre-K! I know right! She is how old again! You remember when I was pregnant with her! Where has the time gone! By the way.....she LOVES it! It was her sister, Madilyn Chevelle, and myself who had a hard time dealing with her not being there.  We went to Target for snacks! Then of course getting use to a whole new routine!

Then I decided I needed to de-junk my house.....wowzer. What an under taking! I'm actually working on getting rid of a lot know..The ....stuff....that just accumulates everywhere. Yea that....stuff.....hehehe. I said.....stuff. lol!

-Looks up at the last paragraph and proceeds to facepalm self-
-sound of loud smacking-

Then of course I have all of my "helpers".

Be sure to keep an eye on my Tumblr for random pictures of the babies and dogs and kitties and ....well whatever else I decide to share! The link is at the top of the blog! don't have to have an account to read it! Just go enjoy!

August was a busy month. September looks as if it will be just as busy! Getting ready for all the birthdays and holidays coming along! Egad! Oh the excitement though!

So, during this stretch of non-blogging I have been putting together evil evil plans! Plans that deal with mint brownies, candy, strawberry cake, graham crackers, and marshmallows! I've not had the time to make any of them yet.

-sad face-

I am putting together recipes and testing! I messed around with some cinnamon candy....and it flopped. It was a rather tasty flop...but a flop all the same.

So in conclusion my dear readers! I haven't forgotten you!

Hopefully soon I will have some tasty things for you!

-happy face!-

Til then happy baking/eating/drinking!

Dottie ^_^

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