Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Beer Ice Cream

-Looks up at the title-
"You're kidding me right."
-Looks self right in the eye-
-Eyes light up with hope and joy!-
"It's a MIRACLE!!!!!"

hehehe.....It's true everyone! We now have delicious Beer ice cream! Who would have thought! Now the next question you are going to ask it any good? This is where I look at you and say..."duh. of course! It's beer!"

After I tried my first taste of one...I turned to my boss and asked him with a straight face, "It's not technically drinking on the job you can I eat it while at work?" I never got a reply! Damn. Hahahaha!

So what flavors did they make for us ice cream lovers!

Vanilla Bock- My personal Top favorite! Think of the creamiest smoothiest vanilla ice cream you ever had! Now Add in the most flavorful Vanilla Porter you've tasted. They have managed to blend these two to perfection! This is also the highest alc/vol. of these flavors.

IPA Honey- I am NOT an IPA drinker. I don't care for it at all. This is actually my second favorite! The honey flavor and the hops flavor balance each other out without overwhelming each other....or my tastebuds! They farther to bring out the best of each flavor in the best way! I really almost didn't give my friend back his pint of ice cream when I tried this one!

Brown Ale Chip- OH Dearest chocolate chips! How I love thee! How thou dost melt upon the heat of my moist wet tongue! To spread thy flavor throughout my mouth and blend perfectly with the flavor of thy soul mate ale! Neither to sweet nor not sweet enough! Oh ale how thou hast tease me! Spreading thy flavor through yon pint of cream, instead of quenching the dry thirst that clenches my throat! I shall devour thee both! For thy infedilty to me! Destroy and devour....until....oh saddness!!!!!! The pint....tis...empty.

Peach Lambic-Now the lambic is low on my list for a reason. I was expecting a PEACH flavor! It was still great. Not the same as opening up a bottle of Lambic Peach though! I would definitely add some fresh peaches or even canned peaches to this lovely tub of cream! Then you will be hitting the flavor right on the mark!

Malted Milk Chocolate Stout- You know that great bitter ending of a delicious stout? Well, they NAILED it with this frozen pint! I'm not crazy about stouts. But, I devoured my entire pint of this in one one sitting. It was delicious! This was the least sweet of all of them. True the stout! The flavor ride was amazing though! Creamy chocolate melting into the delightful full body of a thick stout....ending with that perfect bitter note! Oh happiness! This is last on my list though. But, not loved the least for it!

Come in and see me! I'm looking forward to when the other two flavors will be available! I'm thinking they may be a seasonal thing! OH and before I forget! Here is their site!

Happy Drunken Eating!!!
Dottie ^_^

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