Thursday, June 6, 2013

Stupid Blogger App!

So I thought that my last two posts had published LASTweek! Nope....I go back and look and there they are just sitting there. Not publishing themseleves! Eeeeeeer!!!! -insert choice words
Here and lots of them!- hehehe

Ok so to make up for this little mistake I will share a really funny story that involves two 4 week old kittens and my oldest child.

My oldest had dissappeared somewhere in the house. She was being way to quiet. Keep in mind my oldest is 4 1/2 years old. It is getting close to time to leave on top of this as well. I go looking for her having a hunch that she has shut herself in with the kittens that we had rescued a few weeks back. As I open the door there she is sitting on the floor with toothbrush in hand. A kitten in the water dish, and she is working on giving them baths. My poor child. All I could see was red and ordered her out of the bathroom.  After drying off the kittens and putting them in their crate. I had to explain to her that they could get sick with how cold that bathroom could become. She was very contrite. The silly goose! But, to say the least she has been banned from playing with the kittens alone in the bathroom now! OH but how she tries to sneak in there!

A few pictures of the kittens for those of you who saw them at Dixie Beverage as I was bottle feeeding them! They have gotten huge since then.Still adorable as ever! Into so much more as well! They have decided that I am their own personal jungle gym. Just as my two girls do! Egad! They do enjoy a good snuggle and it makes all the hard work worth it! Even though it doesn't feel like know what I mean. A mother's love is never ending and all emcompassing!

I hope you got a joyfull haha out of all of this!
Dottie ^_^

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