Thursday, June 6, 2013

Redd's Apple Ale


Do I need to say more?

Hehehehe. This is actually a really great ale. It blends the best of an Ale with the best of a Cider.  It is heavier then a cider,but not by a  whole lot. The flavor is right on. The fresh taste of apples....the smoothness of a well brewed ale with the supple body. The clean taste of the whole together.....makes me want to pop one open....yep right now at 10:05 am this morning! It's in door 16! Right there! So close and yet so far away.


Looks like I'll just have to buy a six pack later!

Yep, this is my summer favorite! If you like Strongbow then there is a good chance you might like this as well!

Dottie ^_^

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