Thursday, June 6, 2013

Random Thought

So I stopped by Target on my way to work today. Had to grab a few things for lunch! Yum! THen I saw donuts!!!! Me so happy! The archer farm brand donuts to me are comparable to crispy cream! So delicious!

To my dear Leinenkugal lovers! I have some very sad news for you. It breaks my heart to tell you this.....-sniffles- .....but the stupid bastards have discontinued the Berry Weiss Flavor!!! ARRRRGH!!!! I was speechless! My jaw actually dropped when I was told this! I'm going to go and kick some ass I tell you! Eeer!!!!!

  To my dear Mike's Hard Lovers! Oh some very sad news for you as well. The Dumb shits have discontinued the Lime flavor! Oh the horror of it all! But, some slightly good news for you. They did replace the flavor with a Blood Orange. For how long you ask? I have no idea!

Good things rarely last for very long. Stupid idiots!

If you were the mike's lover....try out Bud's LIme-a-rita. It actually has a great taste to it and is amazing on the rocks!
To my Leinenkugal lover's....try Wild Rascal Red or Wild Blue! They have an 8% alc/vol and are just as smooth as the berry weiss! They have nailed the raspberry and the blue berry flavors to a T! As well as they don't get overly sweet on you as you guzzle them down!

Cider and Ale lovers unite! Don't forget about the Redd's Apple ale! One of my top favorites at the moment! Perfect for the summer day or with pizza! Did you know that they make it in Albany, Ga? Awsome right!!!! Support your local Brews!

Not looking for something so sweet, but want local as well? I love Red Hare! They have something for most everyone! I hope they bring out a cider soon though! It's made in Marietta, Ga If i remember corrrectly! Which I do! ^_^

Looks up.....Until later tata! I have to look over my notes and add more later!
Dottie ^_^

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