Friday, June 14, 2013

cider and cider and BANANAS!

Everyone has been raving about just how great this cider is. Angry Orchard. So I thought I would give it a whirl and see what all the fuss was about. I had a choice of regular or....something new. Ginger! Ginger can be very refreshing and clean tasting. I was super excited about it! Get home, pop the top....and disappointment sets in. The cider itself was great. Smooth, but not crisp like I was expecting. It had a nice over all body. But, at this point the other five are still sitting in my fridge. I see some wonderful beer recipes coming from them though! I'm excited to cook with them!

Now, me being the smart lady that I am, thought to bring home another beer I had hoped we would get in.
Fox Barrel has put out some amazing pear ciders! They have that crispness and the fullness of the flavors they portray! I've had their Apricot Pear which is what has me hooked! A crisp mellow flavor engulfed my taste buds. I drank the four pack that same night! So, when I heard there was a Blackberry! I about fell through the floor! I hadn't realized we had already gotten it in. Someone brought it to the counter and I became super excited! After immediately getting my own four pack and getting home.Popping that top...oh the sweet fresh scent blackberry and that fresh cider smell. It engulfed my senses and sent my smile soaring! From the first sip to the last it was as if I was tasting fresh plump blackberries straight off the vine! Deliciousness in a bottle my dears! I have not a single complaint about this one! Well, maybe except the silly fact it comes as a four pack and not a six!

Wells Banana Bread Beer- "Tempting banoffee aromas tempered by a grassy, lemony nose all leading to a finely balanced, fresh, delicate flavour of peppery hops with a lingering dry finish." -Straight from the horse's mouth. This is not a sweet beer my dears. I couldn't have put it better myself. It is delicious, but not something I'll drink the whole bottle of. I have plans to stick it in the fridge and make banana bread out of it tomorrow! Keep in mind I like the sweet and fruity stuff. This is one of those 50-50 things. You just have to try it and see what you think! It is very well brewed!

Happy drinking!
Dottie ^_^

Barefoot Refresh!

Barefoot has come out with a delightful new wine to add to their collection!
We've had their regular cork wine! We've had their Champagne!
And now we have an in between! It's called Refresh! 

So far there are four flavors. From Dry to Sweet!
-Crisp White
-Sweet White
-Summer Red
-Perfectly Pink

One of my favorite things about Refresh flavors is the natural slight bubbly it has! You can see all the exclamation points right? THAT'S BECAUSE I'M THIS EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!!! 

It really is the perfect summer wine! It was suggested to try over ice. It was just as delicious if not better. So if you can't find this cold.....pour it over ice when you get home! Worried it will get watered down? I doubt it will last long enough in the glass after the first sip! Mine sure as hell didn't!

The only flavor I haven't tried is the Perfectly Pink. But, I'm sure it is to be just as amazing as the rest!

Crisp White- For all of my Chardonnay drinkers! This is the Refresh for you. It is sweeter then the average chard. At the same time it isn't sugary sweet. Just an ever so slight touch to it! This was the lightest of the flavors. Defiantly my top pick for a hot summer day right after work or with dinner!

Sweet White- Peaches and Apricots. These flavors first jumped out at me! Then there was an underlying citrus flavor. Such a delicate balance of flavors! This was closer to a moscato level of sweetness.

Summer Blend- Flavors of red moscato and sangria run rampant through this bottle! Not overly sweet and yet just sweet enough! The complexity of flavors and layers that lie within are just mouth watering delicious! One of those bottles you just want to leave beside your chair after dinner and keep your glass full of ice and the wine flowing!

Perfectly Pink- I haven't tried this one yet. But, I'm sure it's just as good as the others!

A note about Barefoot's Moscatos

Moscato- (green label)- I really don't care for their plain Moscato. It doesn't carry the smoothness of other moscatos for the same price. Or for just a few bucks more you can get a better quality one. This just didn't impress me one bit. To the point I in general suggest the pink or red moscato.

Pink Moscato- (Pink label)- Now this one is MUCH better! Very happy with how they smoothed out the flavor. The ever so soft flavoring this one has is delicious. Light but with a bit of body at the same time!

Red Moscato- (red Label)- When I tried this moscato, I was floored with how they had hit it right on the head! The balance between flavor and sweetness is perfect. The overall smoothness was impressive! This moscato has a soft full body. I actually prefer it over some of the other more expensive red moscatos I've tried.

Be sure to check out their website for drink recipes and other flavors!
Barefoot Wine

I hope this helped you guys out!
Happy drinking!
Dottie ^_^

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Stupid Blogger App!

So I thought that my last two posts had published LASTweek! Nope....I go back and look and there they are just sitting there. Not publishing themseleves! Eeeeeeer!!!! -insert choice words
Here and lots of them!- hehehe

Ok so to make up for this little mistake I will share a really funny story that involves two 4 week old kittens and my oldest child.

My oldest had dissappeared somewhere in the house. She was being way to quiet. Keep in mind my oldest is 4 1/2 years old. It is getting close to time to leave on top of this as well. I go looking for her having a hunch that she has shut herself in with the kittens that we had rescued a few weeks back. As I open the door there she is sitting on the floor with toothbrush in hand. A kitten in the water dish, and she is working on giving them baths. My poor child. All I could see was red and ordered her out of the bathroom.  After drying off the kittens and putting them in their crate. I had to explain to her that they could get sick with how cold that bathroom could become. She was very contrite. The silly goose! But, to say the least she has been banned from playing with the kittens alone in the bathroom now! OH but how she tries to sneak in there!

A few pictures of the kittens for those of you who saw them at Dixie Beverage as I was bottle feeeding them! They have gotten huge since then.Still adorable as ever! Into so much more as well! They have decided that I am their own personal jungle gym. Just as my two girls do! Egad! They do enjoy a good snuggle and it makes all the hard work worth it! Even though it doesn't feel like know what I mean. A mother's love is never ending and all emcompassing!

I hope you got a joyfull haha out of all of this!
Dottie ^_^

Redd's Apple Ale


Do I need to say more?

Hehehehe. This is actually a really great ale. It blends the best of an Ale with the best of a Cider.  It is heavier then a cider,but not by a  whole lot. The flavor is right on. The fresh taste of apples....the smoothness of a well brewed ale with the supple body. The clean taste of the whole together.....makes me want to pop one open....yep right now at 10:05 am this morning! It's in door 16! Right there! So close and yet so far away.


Looks like I'll just have to buy a six pack later!

Yep, this is my summer favorite! If you like Strongbow then there is a good chance you might like this as well!

Dottie ^_^

Random Thought

So I stopped by Target on my way to work today. Had to grab a few things for lunch! Yum! THen I saw donuts!!!! Me so happy! The archer farm brand donuts to me are comparable to crispy cream! So delicious!

To my dear Leinenkugal lovers! I have some very sad news for you. It breaks my heart to tell you this.....-sniffles- .....but the stupid bastards have discontinued the Berry Weiss Flavor!!! ARRRRGH!!!! I was speechless! My jaw actually dropped when I was told this! I'm going to go and kick some ass I tell you! Eeer!!!!!

  To my dear Mike's Hard Lovers! Oh some very sad news for you as well. The Dumb shits have discontinued the Lime flavor! Oh the horror of it all! But, some slightly good news for you. They did replace the flavor with a Blood Orange. For how long you ask? I have no idea!

Good things rarely last for very long. Stupid idiots!

If you were the mike's lover....try out Bud's LIme-a-rita. It actually has a great taste to it and is amazing on the rocks!
To my Leinenkugal lover's....try Wild Rascal Red or Wild Blue! They have an 8% alc/vol and are just as smooth as the berry weiss! They have nailed the raspberry and the blue berry flavors to a T! As well as they don't get overly sweet on you as you guzzle them down!

Cider and Ale lovers unite! Don't forget about the Redd's Apple ale! One of my top favorites at the moment! Perfect for the summer day or with pizza! Did you know that they make it in Albany, Ga? Awsome right!!!! Support your local Brews!

Not looking for something so sweet, but want local as well? I love Red Hare! They have something for most everyone! I hope they bring out a cider soon though! It's made in Marietta, Ga If i remember corrrectly! Which I do! ^_^

Looks up.....Until later tata! I have to look over my notes and add more later!
Dottie ^_^