Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Drunken Dunc Your Hine Lemon Cake

Yep I do think the title is hilarious!!!! And yes I came up with it all on my own by my little self!
-Laughs my ass off!-
The whole thought process to this cake was really simple. I had bought a 12 pack of Leinenkugal's Lemon Shandy home.....the problem was they were cans. Hubby doesn't like it in the cans. Meh, I say to myself. Thinking I had done something really sweet and backfires. So now I have over a 6 pack of this stuff just sitting there. Damn it! What to do what to do. Because I like the shandy on tap instead of bottled or canned. Weird right? Yep, I think so to. But, anyways....there they are....what to do what to do. Ah yes! I like to cook and bake! Beer chocolate just didn't appeal to the next best thing......CAKE!!! Woohoo! It's on like donkey kong I tell you!
..... What's that you say....get on with it? OH need to be like that! Hahahaha! But to get to the point. I didn't want to spend all day in the kitchen and spending a lot of money on ingredients. Lemon cake mix hit me in the face and I finally figured it out!
All I did was substitue the water for beer and baked it.
It was AH-MAZING!!!!!!!
Sprinkled some powered sugar over it and served it warm. I had mine with Vanilla yogurt and thuoght it tasted even BETTER! It was moist but at the same time not moist enough. It was a hit with my guiene pigs....ooops I mean Co-workers! -winks-
Grab your favorite brand of mix and get your bake on!
It's going to make any day beautiful!
Dottie ^_^


Okie dokie my faithful readers!

You are probably thinking....where the hell did she go!

Where are all those promised posts!

That stupid procrastinator!

Ok.....So this time I have a honest to goodness reason as to why I haven't been posting for the past month.

As some of you know, from coming into the store and seeing with your own eyes, I had resuced a litter of kittens from a situation that could go from bad to worse.
So to nip it in the butt we took a litter of 5, 1-2 week old, kittens into our care. What happened to the mama cat? The situation for the kittens wasn't good. Mama cat was being taken care of. Just to keep it simple and short.

I was bottle feeding all five, but I was able to find homes for three of them rather quickly. We are keeping two little boys for our two girls. They have just fallen in love with them as have the dogs! I have a zoo!

I'm hoping to get a few posts together for you this thursday! Wish me luck! All the babies are keeping me running!

BUT! My faithful readers I haven't forgotten about you!

I have still been cooking up ideas for you!


Let the blogging now begin!

Dottie ^_^

Thursday, May 2, 2013


oh noooooo!!!!!! i left my tablet at home! me so sad! I'll have to post my super easy recipe and  reviews tonight after i get home! please bear with me!