Friday, April 19, 2013

A few new items coming our way!

Hello to all my faithful readers!

I'm very sorry about missing last week's post! It was Spring Break for my area! Egad people were thirsty! Not That I'm complaining or anything like that! The only problem was is that I missed "talking" to all of you!

I'm here now and rocking out this post for you guys! Just about  a little something we have coming in soon!

Mike's Hard Smashed Apple Cider
5% alc/Vol
16 oz
This for me was a little different then the average mike's.  It had a full soft body and is smooth going down. It's detfinatly not your average Cider. It reminded me more of Apple Juice with a kick. It is on the sweet side. For those non beer drinkers you will fall in Love with this! I still prefer a good Cider any day of the week though!

Mike's Shandy
Hard Lemonade and Lager
4.2% alc/Vol
11.2 oz
Remember that classic Lemonade taste from our childhood? You know, how mama would mix Lemon juice with sugar and water. Yep, that Classic flavor. Mike's has Managed to Capture this within a bottle as well to top it all off..... They use a Smooth tasting Lager. I was happy with the mellowness of this Shady. These days I'm seeing more and more companies rocking out a shandy. The only way only way to find your favorite is to taste a lot them! I must Say that this one will probably be popular with the ladies out ofall the Shanties.

Mike's Frozen Pouches
5 % alc / vol
10 oz
I do happen to be a fan of frozen drinks during the summer! Wait! Who am I kidding! Aren't we all? I am not a fan of Tequila. But, all the same the sweet and sour taste of a Margarita just hits the Spot Sometimes. I've tried Mike's Classic Margarita. There is no tequila in this. Just their perfectly Flavored beer. I Was super happy with this. I look forward to trying their other flavors!

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