Tuesday, January 8, 2013

new year's resolutions

yep yep yep! It's the new year everyone! hooray!

WELCOME 2013!!!!

I love the number 13! Why? Well, I've never had a bad friday the 13th! It reminds me of my wonderful pain in the ass hubby who I love with all my heart! As well as the fact it's a number that just pops out at you and grabs your attention.....Like I do!!!

So are you wondering what my New Year's resolutions are?
Maybe to lose weight and get healthy?
Cut back on sugar?

Umm...fuck that shit.

Sure, I need to lose a good bit of weight just to become healthy.
Yep, I've cut back a bit on my sugar intake.
Exercise, that's what I have two brats for! hehehe.

Come on people! You don't need the new year to work on some basic human needs. Let's be more creative then that! Such as!!!!

More blog posts! More creative yummy easy dishes! A few more more intricate recipes!
Yep, all that great stuff. But, this year I would love to try to write a book. And no not a foodie book. What I want to write about.... you'll just have to come in and ask me about! I'll be more then happy to tell you about it.
As well as reinventing my home. Adding more color, new ideas, and lots of love smeared with creativity!

Moving on!

Last year I was rather lax in posting on coffee and such. I did try new ones....umm...I just forgot to make sure I posted it here like a dumb ass! What's the point of having a blog if I don't post on what I try!
So instead of visiting the past...let's move forward!

For Christmas my mother in law had gotten me a Keurig!
If you don't have one of these awsome things.....it is so well worth it! But, whatever you do don't get rid of your regular coffee pot! The K-cups are great! But, not for a heavy coffee drinker! Just keep in mind it brews on the strong side. So either add some hot water or creamer if it is to strong for you! As well as just getting a lighter roast next time!

Like tea? This is PERFECT for hot tea!!!!!!!!

What I've been using for my loose leaf tea!

I have fallen in love with this whole set up! Every time I use this super easy machine I have to smile! The variety is just astounding! One of the things I think is fun is how easy it is to share the cups! Buy one box and someone else can buy another and then you can split it between the two of you! There is hot chocolate and hot apple cider for my kids which is a lot of fun. I've actually bought mugs for my kiddos so they can use this as well! The coffee variety oh me oh my the deliciousness of it all!

Hot tea drinkers don't despair! The variety for us is just as fabulous as for us coffee drinkers! One of my favorite things is how strong it brews! Don't like it so strong? No worries! I have a great solution for you.

Now, I keep a selection of hot tea at home. Because I drink my coffee at work and my tea at home. It's easier to re-heat the tea with honey in it, opposed to coffee with creamer in it.

My thoughtful mother in law also gave me a red solofill cup for my machine for Christmas as well. Which is so fantastic! I had bought a box of tazo's awake k-cups....it's amazing by the way!......and thought it was great. But, I wanted something a little softer for at night. I went back to look at the other options...there weren't as many. Which is fine and dandy. Cause, the Tazo teabags were on sale for $2!!!! that is 20 bags per a box. Or in other words, 10 cups of tea.

I bought four boxes to try out a few varieties. Instead of leaving the tea in the bags I cut them open and dumped two tea bags directly into the solocup. How did I decide on two bags? Well, I amputated the k-cup after using it and figured out about how much they used. At first I used three bags....nice and strong...but almost to strong. Then I reduced it to my normal two teabags. Super happy!!!!

What is so great is that in three minutes.....you get perfect strength tea without having to wait for it to steep and get cold! I am able to drink more tea at home with ease now! the waiting is what always killed me! I'm not always a patient person.

3 tea bags= strong tea
2 tea bags= medium tea
1 tea bag= weak tea

Be sure to remember to tear/cut open the bags and pour them into the solofill! What a difference the taste is with loose leaf teas opposed to them sitting in a bag!

Now I have to retry all of them before I report back! But, just know I am a happy camper and I'm starting my year off right!

Starting it off Absolutely AH-MAZING!!!!!

Dottie ^_^