Wednesday, January 16, 2013

a sneak peek and a thought.

So the other day I finally tried a Mike's Harder Lemonade. I'm not much of a fan of the Mike's in the first place. I prefer the smoother flavor of a Smirnoff. But, the blackcherry Mike's is pretty good...not sure about the harder one though. Anyways, moving on...

The Mike's harder Lemonade is pretty good. I could tell there was a stronger kick to it. Not in a bad way though. Which surprised me. It actually has a mellower taste to it opposed to the regular Mike's lemonade. Great Flavor. Not to sweet. Which is something I could really appreciate. This lovely four pack is great for guys or gals! So pick one up and give it a whirl!

The sneaky peeky!!!!

As you all Know Valentine's day is right around the corner! I have some evil plans in the works! Muhahahahaha.......<_< umm yea...that is SUPPOSE to be my evil laughter. Shall I try it again?

MUHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAHA...cough couch...Ha....cough...fuck it.

*_- hehehe winky face!

I'm very excited about this all though. I've got strawberries. Almonds. Chocolate. Alcohol.. Thinking about a delicious champagne! And so one! I'll have it soon though. This way you guys will have time to practice!

Ladies....don't just wait for the guys to approach you. Take this opportunity to confess to that one you like. Or to re-confess to the one you are already in a relationship! Don't just leave it up to the guys ladies!
After being shot down so many times they may not have the courage to approach you or anyone! so take a deep breath and begin putting a plan together!

Take life by the bullocks and make it do what you want it to!
Dottie ^_^

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