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Limoncello Nut Cake....with a few haha's thrown in!

Fruit cake smooch cake! It's just something that still holds no appeal for me! Ok granted...I haven't actually tried one......but it just holds no appeal for me! One of these days .....well you know me....I might decide to look up a recipe and see what this gibber jabber is all about!

Still want that cake thingy stuff to give to someone though? Allow me to hook you up with a childhood favorite of mine!

This is one of those recipes that we would make once a year. Not this one is hard or difficult. Just one of those special Christmas recipes.

-taps chin-

We had quite a few of those really. I think it's what made them so much fun and special!

So I decided to add a lovely twist to this recipe. Limoncello. So delicious and smooth all by itself! What is limoncello you ask? A delicious Italian liqueur! This delightfully sweet lemon flavored liqueur has an alcohol content of 28% alc/vol. Not strong enough for you? Well that is what they make vodka for! That is just a personal preference you see. Try it with your own favorite liqueor though, such as rum or tequila. This is not something I would really suggest trying with brandy/whiskey/burbon/scotch. The quality of those are different from the other types. But, you just never know! So don't knock it til ya try it!

It's like strawberry jelly and chicken biscuits! It just works! I'm really hungry for a chicken biscuit and strawberry jelly! Why'd I have to make that analogy? Hmm...maybe because it's breakfast time and I'm hungry? Oh well! I shall not allow my fingers to rest till this blog entry has been posted! No chicken biscuit for me til my AH-MAZING  readers have their post....I shall....I shall...shut up about the stupid chicken biscuit and just post the damn blog entry! Hahahahaha!

-taps forehead until the vague light bulb turns on-

Ah yes...limnocelle. I've not tried that many different ones. There are different labels that come from different parts of Italy. Which is pretty cool I think. The one I first tried and i haven't deviated from is Caravella. They also have an orangecello....but that is for a different entry! There are many many different things you can use this in. One of my top favorites  is.....

1 part Limoncello
2 parts cranberry juice
a splash of Orange Juice
All on the rocks...

I stir my I just layer and and then stir it really well! Now if it isn't strong enough for you....just ass some of your favorite liqueor! This way you don't waste the cello by thinking if you add more and more it will get as strong as some of the regular drinks we all enjoy drinking.

Also just try it on the rocks by itself. The smoothness of this is just lovely! I'm a lemon fiend!

Hmmm....Oh!!! I have stopped using lime and lemon juice in my drinks. Why? Don't you need that citrus kick sometimes you ask. Yep, you're right. I do. So instead now I use for Lime: Captain Morgan's Lime Bite. For Lemon: Limoncello.  Using these guys instead allows me to give my drink that most deffinate flavor, a bit more alcohol, as well as saving money in the long run. may seem cheaper at that moment to buy the lime or lemon. But, what if you forget about it? It goes bad and you just wasted that money. Sure, there is the juice version as well. How much of that juice do you have to add though to get that touch of flavor you want though? Just a thought people! There are somethings you need that fresh taste for. But, there are others that this will save you a bit of money in the long run. As well as enjoying drinks made with these two guys! I've gabbed my gums about everything BUT the cake! I'll give ya the recipe and then go blah blah about it. That way you can skip all of my mouth gas.....I promise I brush my teeth....oh....just not this freaking early in the morning Beware!!!

-looks around for coffee....then chases after the kids who have said coffee!-


* * *

Lemon Nut Cake 

3 sticks butter

2 c sugar > Cream butter and sugar

6 eggs > Beat thoroughly

2 oz. Lemon Extract (whole bottle) > Blend well.

(This is the part where I substituted an airplane bottle of Caravella Limoncello instead!
50 ml Caravella Limoncello!)

3 c flour

1 tsp baking powder > Sift into batter. Mix well.

15 oz. Golden Raisins

2 c chopped pecans > Stir into batter.

Bake at 325:

Tube pan--greased and floured--1 hour 15 minutes


2 loaf pans --greased and floured--1 hour 5 minutes

* * *

I'm sure now you understand why it's an once a year recipe! All that butter and the yummy raisins! Oh me and on my! You really need to use Real Butter! Margarine will give it an entirely different taste! Once I added the limoncello to the batter....I couldn't stop eating it! I was worried all the batter would be gone before I had a chance to make the cake! It was a huge success!...Well that is once I got the batter into a pan and baked!

So now wipe your watering mouths and try it out!

Here are two other links if you want to learn more, as well as gather some great drink ideas!


Dottie ^_^

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