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2012 New Year's Drink List!!!!

Hello to all my faithful readers!
A Warm Welcome to all of my new readers just joining in!
I look forward to putting smiles upon your faces with these delightful recipes I've compiled from other sources. If only I could afford to try them all out before posting this!

-looks around with a mischievous smile upon her face-

Of course this is rather coming a bit to close to new year's as it is. In my opinion it is better then not at all though! You will probably see a few repeats from last year's list here as well. The ones that I think are just  a lot of fun and which you will have everything to do them anyways! So why not have the knowledge to do so!

One of the things I enjoy doing is reminding all of you wonderful hosts and hostesses about the awsome D.D.s! These people are the backbone to a safe and wonderful holiday! Please keep their needs in mind as you plan your parties!

Have a coffee pot? Fill that sucker up with water and let it sit on the counter for easy access. Grab a box of hot chocolate, hot apple cider, and maybe a few selections of hot tea and a jar of honey! You could even add a few packets of instant coffee as well. What's also great is if you have a Keurig! There are so many selections out there available for this awsome pot! From Coffee to hot apple cider! Target has a great variety of choices available! Just make this available for everyone at your home!

Looking to serve cold drinks? Not enough room in the fridge? Grab a cooler and toss bottles of water and cans of soda in there with a shit ton of ice!

There are so many options out there! These are just a few to get your brain going!

Now moving on to the drink list!

Some of you might be wondering how did I put these together! Allow me to tell you! I thought of the most classic flavors of this time of year. Peppermint, cinnamon, and cream. Then moved that train of thought as to what I enjoyed along those lines! Then....I made a short list of some of the most popular items running past me! Then comes the research and slapping it all together so all you guys have to do is print it out and come see me! Easy as pie....well actually...way easier then pie! Pie is actually kinda hard and time consuming and rather messy.....and that is sooo off subject! back to the drink list!!!

Party time saver suggestions...
Pouring shots? Mix the shot or drink in a half gallon (or larger!) container and leave it in the fridge. Be sure to label what it is and what is in it. This way it's mixed and cold. No need to mess with shakers and ice! Also easier to pour into those shot glasses or drinking glasses!

Fireball Whiskey

Shopping List
Fireball Whiskey
Peppermint Schnapps
Cinnamon Schnapps
captain morgan spiced rum
cider beer

hot chocolate
hot apple cider
cranberry juice
apple juice
ginger ale


Fire and Frost Shot
1p Cinnamon Schnapps
1p Peppermint Schnapps
(Great for a warm up shot when they walk in the door!)

Spiked Hot Chocolate
Make a mug of deliciousness starting with some hot chocolate.
Then spike it with whatever is close at hand! Cinnamon or peppermint being favs!

Holy Frost Man!!! (shot)
1p bourban
1p peppmint schnapps!

Christmas Hug
1p Fireball
2p apple juice
1p cranberry
mix and serve over ice!

Fire on Ice! (my personal recipe)
1p Fireball or cinnamon schnapps
1p cranberry juice or to taste
on the rocks!

Flamin Beaver
Shot of Fireball Whiskey
Dropped into a glass of your favorite cider beer!
Such as Woodchuck or Angry Orchard!
Chug away or sip it slowly! take your pick!

Hot Cider
Make a mug of hot apple cider and spike it with Fireball or cinnamon schnapps!

Spiced Eggnog
Eggnog is great just by itself as well!
Grab some spiced rum and spicked some eggnog on the rocks!

Rootbeer Float (my personal favorite!!!)
1p Captain Morgan Spiced rum
1p a&w or boylan's rootbeer (or to taste!)
on the rocks!

Smooth Sailor
1p Sailor Jerry's Spiced rum (higher proof super smooth)
1p Ginger Ale or to taste!

Ok! I hope you have all enjoyed this year's shorter list! Good luck with all of your parties! I look forward to hearing about them!

Dottie ^_^

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