Saturday, November 10, 2012

A review on a few sweet bubblies!

A little thought on some bubbly!
I am not a fan of champagne. Not that it's bad or anything. I just have a preference for sweet light drinks. 

-Flashback to last night-
It is now 9am on this beautiful crisp Saturday morning. I'm looking over this blog post seeing that all I have on it are the first three lines and a few pictures. Last night my youngest brat decided she wanted to snuggle and cuddle with mama. Which is great and awsome....except I actually had a few things I had to do. Such as rock out this entry for all of you!
When I say she HAD to snuggle and cuddle. I mean just that. We are talking huge tear drops, quivering bottom lip, blankie in hand escaping from her bed.....all because she wanted mama. So of course I put my laptop aside and did one of my most favorite things in the world. 
Snuggled and cuddled with my baby girl.


Looks around and takes a deep breath.


Now, I really could have used a glass of this awsome bubbly last night! Because I didn't get to enjoy it last night. I plan on enjoying it when I get home and begin my Fall cleaning. Yea....spring cleaning doesn't happen in my house. Spring is the time to shop for an awsome chunk of meat to throw on the Smoker! But, that is for a different blog entry...I'm so easily distracted when it comes to food!

-thinking to self- 
Bubbly bubbly bubbly
Writing about bubbly not not food BUBBLY!!!!


You know something....I like like pictures? Good! Then scooch on down the page and check out the pictures and my personal reveiws on them....while I distract myself with Food!

Strawberries and Cream
Red Velvet
 I've tried all three and really like them.
        One of the things I love about these.
     They have a screw top!!! 
                                   These are that perfect party favor.                                  

When I took my first sip of this.....It was a dance party in my mouth! I came back the next night and bought a second bottle I loved it so much!

Bacio de Bolle
Rosso Moscato
Di Asti
This is such a lovely red moscato! The quality of it is amazing! I had the bottle finished the same evening I opened it. What I love about it is how it isn't sickingly sweet. I love flavor and smoothness when I drink. This was such a light bubbly wine. I prefer this over the Asti Champagne in a heart beat! 
This will have a place at my table this Holiday season!

This was the first flavor I tried. Because of a bad experience when I first began to drink I do not like strawberry flavors in my alcohol. But, occasionally I do come across a strawberry flavor that is really well done. I was ify about this when I first read the label. I'm thinking that it is going to be overly sweet. I'm going to gag and have a bad headache the next morning. 

I was wrong.
The flavor was so light and crisp! It is sweet, but the least sweet of the three. My top favorite!

For my Whipped Vodka lovers! This was just AMAZING!!!
They nailed this flavor without going overboard. I love to drink it by itself. But, I can definitely see myself mixing another flavor in with this to jazz things up!
Decadence in a bottle.
This is the sweetest of the three. If you love Red Velvet cake then this is a must try for you!
They have hit the flavor points on this perfectly. I opened it and was like woooow!!!!
I love red velvet cake. 
I would definitely say to drink this one when you want something to sip on 
that will just treat your taste buds.

Do my dear readers. I hope to see you all soon to try out something new! Remember, if you don't explore new things how can you find a new favorite? 

Think of it as an adventure if you can't find what you are looking for. It is a golden opportunity to try something new and be pleasantly surprised!
Happy Drinking and Adventuring Everyone!

Tattoo Girl

Friday, November 9, 2012

Sorry for the delay

To my absolutly AH-MAZING Readers!!!!
I'm so sorry for the delay in getting a new post out! Tonight I'll have a post out on a few reviews on a few new items we've gotten in! Super excited about them and can't wait to tell you all about them! As well as a beer bread recipe I've been messing around with! Thanks for being so patient with me!
Yours truly
Dottie! ^_^