Saturday, September 29, 2012

Little Black Dress Vodka

Little Black Dress Vodka

"Per 1.5 oz serving size LBD classic vodka contains 100 calories, 0 g carbohydrates, 0 g protein, 0 g fat
Per 1.5 oz serving size LBD flavored vodkas contain 100 calories, 0 g carbohydrates, 0 g protein, 0 g fat"

I've never been one to calorie count. But, I find myself worrying about it at times. Especially here recently! When I looked down to see what was on my foot and only saw belly. Egad! So, I won't be calorie counting persay. But, I plan on keeping a better eye on what I'm drinking at least. I plan on cutting down on my beer and looking over what mixers I use! I don't drink anything Diet though! I like the real deal! 

Here are my thoughts on this vodka though. Was happily surprised!

Classic Plain:
 very very clean smooth vodka. It has a very unique aftertaste that is going to be perfect for martinis!!!! I wasn't sure what to expect...but it wasn't this! Looking for an excellent plain vodka...oh yes ladies! Perfect for a martini party!

Honey Pineapple:
I'm very skeptical about this flavor.....WOW!!! I would never have thought about combining these two flavors! You know how pineapple can be a little overwhelming at times? The honey adds just a slight touch of sweetness and tones down the pineapple taste without losing it or being blindingly obvious! I could throw a few ice cubes in a glass and just enjoy sipping on this straight!

Black Cherry Vanilla:
Come on this is going to be a shoe in! Who doesn't like black cherry and vanilla flavors!!!!
The verdict is.....not as smooth as the pineapple. The smell is great and has a full body...the flavor is ok. This is still super smooth, would be excellent for mixing! Not something I would throw ice in and sip though.

Blueberry Pomegrante:
Great blueberry taste! It has an ever so slightly "tartness" to it. Which I think adds to it. It actually tastes like freshly picked blueberries. Different from your average everyday sweet blueberry taste. The pomegrante stays as an underlying flavor in this. It would be great with POM juice!

What I love about These vodkas is that they have a great calorie count. They taste great!! Especially the pineapple honey! The website and drinks created for these drinks is really cool on top of that! As you have probably already noticed I've posted the Link at the top. The calorie count comes straight from their site on the VERY bottom of the page in VERY tiny letter and numbers! It's what the quotes are for!

This will make a great hit at any ladies party! Especially for martini night! I am looking forward to experimenting with my own drink mixes and will get back to you all with a few of my own! Here is my list of top fav to least fav!

1. Classic
2. Pineapple Honey
3. Blueberry Pomegrante
4. Black Cherry Vanilla

I'm a huge flavored vodka drinker. But, the classic just blew them all away!
Happy Drinking ladies!!!
Dottie ^_^

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