Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The lack of a recent post

Sorry for the lack of a new post recently! I am currently working on a great veggie idea! What is that great veggie idea? Well, that is for me to know and share with you later on!

But for now a few reviews on a few things I've recently tried.

Nabisco's Fig Newton die for! Freaking awsome cookie gals! And'll enjoy them to! Great flavor! Very little froo froo! And the nutrition isn't to shabby either!
I've had the lemon and delicious! They put tiny pieces of actual lemon in each cookie which makes for a sweet surprise! My kids love them as well! Which is an awsome bonus!

Archer Farm's Pumpkin Spice Granola. Super Yummy! Not enough for the price they are asking. But all in all a good deal if it is for one person! I love granola and this caught my eye while shopping! Great crunchy clusters and the flavor is there, just not overwhelmingly so! and the bag is resealable! I thought that was pretty cool!

Don't like cranberry juice by itself? Me neither! It's so good for you especially with certain health issues! So, try what I do! 2/3 cranberry 1/3 Orange Juice! It's actually really good and I'm able to get the cranberry juice I need to drink.

Want to cut down on your sugar intake? Love chocolate shakes? Me too! During the hotter weather I don't have much of an appetite. So one of the things I've begun to do is eat a protein bar and with a protein shake.

Now Ladies there is a specially formulated Bar for us and it actually tastes delicious! Luna Bar!  The lemon Zest and Honey Pretzel are my two favorites! You can find them at Target and Walmart. They are the same price so no worries about pricing! But if you find that flavor you really like you are better off buying a box. You will save about a dollar!

Protein shakes. There are so many out there! Slim fast is so expensive but the idea is nice. Most other protein shakes are for people who work out! I don't. It's kinda hard to with two kiddos running all over the place! But, Kroger has an off brand called Slim Rite.The can of powder costs about 5.00 and an 8 pack of drinks about 6.00 or so. I personally love the powder best! Best bang for my buck and it's a weeks worth of shakes!

I have the bulliet blender. What I do is put a scoop and a half over ice and add milk. Then i have a great chocolate milk shake! It tastes amazing! I have noticed that when I don't drink them I eat more sugar, I just eat more, and I don't feel as healthy. It has helped me a lose a little bit of weight and just feel healty over all! Easy to stick with as well!

Well, I hope some of my reviews have helped! Good eating everyone!
Dottie ^_^

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