Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Malibu's Sunshine

Malibu has come out with another flavor back to back with their Malibu Red. They are on a roll with this awsome great tasting new flavors!

Malibu Red
I am not much of a tequila drinker personally. It's the taste that doesn't appeal to me as much. But, there are a few tequila based items out there that are deliciously smooth! Malibu Red is one of them. This is such a great blend of two wonderful liquors. You have the smoothness of Malibu's classic coconut rum...followed by this unexpected smooth silver tequila! Keep in mind that this is 70 proof! It won't take much to put you on your ass! It's great straight from the bottle as most Malibu products are! Try this one over ice or straight from the freezer. Or a personal favorite...Pina Coladas!
With it being summer time though it's a little hard to take the blender to the pool or on the boat...well depends on your boat!!! So grab some of the pre-made pina coladas and add a shot of this to them to spike it up a notch! Just don't forget your sunblock before you spike your drink!

Malibu Sunshine
Now this lovely flavor has trumped all the other flavors! It has the smooth silky flavor of the original...but they have added a citrus flavor that just drawls out the richness of the coconut! On the bottle it suggests mixing it with sprite...I haven't done this yet because I tried it with pineapple juice! It drinks like water. So smooth...but it needs a little kick of flavor. So try adding a squeeze of lime to it. As well as try it martini style!
2 parts malibu sunshine
1 part pineapple juice
a splash of lime juice

It's just that smooth! Go grab a bottle! I'll be grabbing ANOTHER one to play around with some new recipes and trying some off their website! I sucked down quite a few of the sunny pineapple drinks! But, remember to relax and just enjoy the flavors. Sometimes it's more important to just enjoy what you are drinking instead of worrying about how drunk you can get.

And with that....happy drinking to you all!
Dottie ^_^

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