Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Malibu's Sunshine

Malibu has come out with another flavor back to back with their Malibu Red. They are on a roll with this awsome great tasting new flavors!

Malibu Red
I am not much of a tequila drinker personally. It's the taste that doesn't appeal to me as much. But, there are a few tequila based items out there that are deliciously smooth! Malibu Red is one of them. This is such a great blend of two wonderful liquors. You have the smoothness of Malibu's classic coconut rum...followed by this unexpected smooth silver tequila! Keep in mind that this is 70 proof! It won't take much to put you on your ass! It's great straight from the bottle as most Malibu products are! Try this one over ice or straight from the freezer. Or a personal favorite...Pina Coladas!
With it being summer time though it's a little hard to take the blender to the pool or on the boat...well depends on your boat!!! So grab some of the pre-made pina coladas and add a shot of this to them to spike it up a notch! Just don't forget your sunblock before you spike your drink!

Malibu Sunshine
Now this lovely flavor has trumped all the other flavors! It has the smooth silky flavor of the original...but they have added a citrus flavor that just drawls out the richness of the coconut! On the bottle it suggests mixing it with sprite...I haven't done this yet because I tried it with pineapple juice! It drinks like water. So smooth...but it needs a little kick of flavor. So try adding a squeeze of lime to it. As well as try it martini style!
2 parts malibu sunshine
1 part pineapple juice
a splash of lime juice

It's just that smooth! Go grab a bottle! I'll be grabbing ANOTHER one to play around with some new recipes and trying some off their website! I sucked down quite a few of the sunny pineapple drinks! But, remember to relax and just enjoy the flavors. Sometimes it's more important to just enjoy what you are drinking instead of worrying about how drunk you can get.

And with that....happy drinking to you all!
Dottie ^_^

Friday, May 25, 2012

HELLO Memorial Day Weekend!!!!

Sun, water, grill, food, drinks, friends, family, a few days off work...this could only mean one thing! Memorial Day weekend! Most people know this as a day for fun and laughter! Which it most definitely is! But, it is also a time to honor the memory of those who have fallen in defense of our Country and our Rights! During this beautiful three day weekend please just take a moment to give honor to those that risk and have given their lives to protect us and our rights!

On to the eats and drinks of the weekend!!!!
Most of you will have hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken. Some of you will have delicious slow smoked roasts! And the rest of us? Well, we will be there to eat all of your hard work!!!

Here a few simple suggestions to keep your weekend simple and easy.
The Golgan Basic Rub:
1 Part Garlic Powder
1 Part Paprika
1 Part Onion Powder

Put this on all of your meat after you add any liquid rubs. Such as Worcestershire or beer. Coat it well guys. Don't be stingy with your seasonings!

We love to add a sprinkling of Creole Seasoning...specifically Tony Chachere. It is in the seasoning isle and comes in a green can with a little chef dude on it!

Tony's and our rub is GREAT on  hot dogs as well!

Easy sides:
Who doesn't like mac and cheese and pasta salad?
Cook double the amount of pasta. Split it in half. Use one half for pasta salad the other for mac and cheese.

 Pasta Salad: Relish, mayo, chopped onion, and a sprinkling of celery salt. Use just enough mayo to make it wet. 1 Tbs of relish, and onion to taste!

Mac and cheese: 1 1lb bag shredded mixed cheese, splash of milk, 2 Tbs of butter. the cheesier the better guys! Have other cheese lying around? sliced cheese, provolone, swiss, mozzarella, and so on...add it to the pot! Don't be scared!

While you are slicing up that onion...go ahead and slice a few cucumbers, tomatoes, and a head of lettuce for a quick salad!

Buy a loaf of french bread from Walmart or your favorite bakery. Keep it simple but splurge a little!

These are two of my favorite desserts! Very easy to make and they won't keep you in the kitchen!
Also don't forget about a favorite classic....chocolate chip cookies!

Here is what I will have at our shin-ding!
Castello del Poggio Moscato
Mich Ultra's 19th Hole
Pucker Vodka Lemonade Lust with Pink lemonade or just on the rocks
Old Milwaukee
As well as anything I feel like picking up!

A few suggestions:

Bud's Platinum                                                          
Bud's Lime-a-Rita                          
Mich Ultra's 19th Hole                                          
Cayman Jacks                                                                    
Shock Top (all flavors!)
Leinenkugel (Berry Weiss and Lemon Shandy)

Vine Smoothies
Castello Del Poggio Moscato
(Say with the lighter white wines.)

Captian Morgan (or your favortie spiced rum! Great with root beer!)
Captain Morgan's Lime Bite is great to use in margarita mix, mojitos, coke and sprite!
Pucker Vodka has some of the best flavors on the market!
 -Raspberry and lemonade -lemonade lust and pink lemonade
Pearl Vodka is great for mixing, shots, martinis and just all the above!

I would suggest not over doing the creamy drinks though!
But, check out Tequila Rose!
I'm not a tequila drinker but the strawberry is smooth and not overly sickening sweet.
They have brought out a new flavor as well.....Hot Rose. It has a very mild cinnamon flavor. Delicious and smooth!

Want more ideas? Come see me at Dixie Beverage! I'll be there this weekend!

If you are out riding....ride loud and ride safe!
Everyone else....keep your eyes peeled open for the Bikes!
Have a safe and fun weekend!

Dottie ^_^

Monday, May 14, 2012

Kielbasa sandwich and Cafe Bohemia

Well Hello Everyone!
   I have this wonderful love affair with Kielbasa! This is my go to quick and easy snack, meal, or great addition to a meal that needs a little something extra! The flavor is delicious and unique and goes with ANYTHING!!!
My favorite things:

Slice it up, cook up until just slightly burnt, add sauerkraut to the pan and cook until the sauerkraut is heated up. Serve and enjoy!

Slice, cook, and serve with block cheese and fresh loaf bread. Such as French, Multigrain, or a baguette.

Great in pasta sauce....especially Campbell's V8 Sweet Red Pepper soup...
 slice and cook the Kielbasa, add the soup and heat through and through. Serve over pasta!

My current favorite!
Slice and cook the Kielbasa.
 Leave the grease in the pan and add a little extra butter.
Slice mushrooms, an onion, and bell pepper.
Add the veggies to the pan and saute!
 On bread of your choice...a hoagie roll is great for this!
add the veggies, the meat and if you want a slice of cheese!
Sit back and enjoy!

For my Vegans:
Use olive oil, same veggies, add more even!
Squash and zucchini are great on this as well! Try slicing them thicker and cooking them first for more of a burger style!
Add this all to your bread and of choice and enjoy!

Cafe Boheme
I tried this delightful liqueur just the other day and was blown away! I'm not one to drink anything straight out of the bottle or straight. This was so delicious super cold straight out of the bottle!  I sat back and just enjoyed sipping on it!

What is this delightful liqueur exactly?
"A unique blend of gourmet coffee and premium french vodka, with creme and a hint of vanilla."
16% alc. by vol.
Also keep in mind to avoid citrus or acid mixers with this. It says so on the bottle...I would think that it might make it curdle. I really don't want to find out. What a waste!

They have some great recipes that look delicious on their site! I can't wait to try some of them out!

Here is what I've done so far and love!

Straight: Super cold or over ice.

With Coffee:
1 50ml of Cafe Boheme
7 oz Starbucks frappuccino Coffee flavored
over ice!

I hope to have more recipes to bring to you in the future! What a delightful liqueur! Grab some and enjoy!
Dottie ^_^

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pool Party Beer Time!

Oh yes! It's that time of the year....well almost really. Some silly pools haven't opened yet! But fear Not!!!! There are plenty of Kiddie pools to go around! So go pick one up if you haven't, some comfy chairs and sit back and relax! It's what I'll be doing this year!

I've made it a point this past weekend to try a few beers I haven't tried yet. Super excited to share my tastings with you!

Bud Light Lime's- Lime-a-Rita:
This can surprised the shenanigans out of me! It was really good! I'm rather impressed with the products that Budweiser is coming out with here recently. They have quality as well as flavor! Which is a must for me.
This Lime a Rita though is a must over ice! It's to sweet just straight out of the can. I brought one to my mom in law's house to split it with her. We put it over shaved ice and it was amazing! Great margarita taste, a higher alcohol content of 8%,  with a delicious lime taste ending!

Mich Ultra:
Pomegranate Raspberry: I was rather disappointed with this one. I was expecting a great pomegranate flavor! All I tasted was slightly flavored smooth beer. Not what I was looking for. So I'm going to make some pomegranate flavored iced tea and mix it half and half with that. That will give me the flavor I was looking for while enjoying a smooth beer!

Dragon Fruit Peach: Now this was a pleasant surprise after first trying the Pomegranate! It had a wonderful peach flavor! Not to sweet and not to strong. I did add this to some tea...because the tea was awful....and Peach Tea was made!!! Loved it! This is one of my must try beers for the ladies. As well as for those that calorie count it does only have 95 cals in it.

Now what made me try these other two flavors you ask....well Mich Ultra's 19th Hole!!!
A blend of lemonade and tea with a smooth beer,.....heaven! But, it tastes so much better on ice then out of the can!

What's great to know:
Different companies are beginning to make cans available! Yeepee!
A few of my favorites:
Shock Top Lemon Shandy
Mike's Hard Black Cherry
Mich Ultra's 19th Hole
Bud's Lime-a-Rita

There are so many more! Just knowing will help you pick something out for the Pool come later on! This summer your choices aren't limited!!! Alright everyone. Careful now stepping in and out of those kiddies pools. We will find it hilarious if you fall on your face....but your face might not like you so much afterwards!
Good luck everyone!
Dottie ^_^