Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Set-up and a note of Gratitude!

OK, as everyone can tell there is a new set-up to my blog. I'm hoping I remembered to put everything back on here that was on here before. If you don't see something that was here before let me know! Leave me a comment here or email me!

Something new I've added: "Dottie Fun Fact!" At the very bottom of my page. You will be able to find the history and top most viewed entries on my blog there as well.

Interested in seeing my new creations? Keep up with me on tumblr...which you don't have to have an account for....or Facebook!

Also! I'm very grateful and thankful for all of my dedicated readers and regulars at work who have been so supportive of me and this endeavor! You guys are just the best and make doing all of this so much fun and exciting for me!

I look forward to bringing all of you new creations in the upcoming near future. I'm hoping to eventually get to one of the wonderful little artsy fartsy fairs and try my luck there! I'll keep everyone posted on the outcome of that!

A very special thanks to my husband, Joseph Golgan. He has been the most supportive husband a lady could ever ask for! Not complaining to much about my late nights hand painting glasses. He is always on the look out for unique glasses for me to paint! As well as willing to run to the store for anything last minute I forgot about for the recipe I'd be working on!

A special thanks goes out to my boss at Dixie Beverage Outlet for allowing me to get my start on selling my artistic hand painted glasses!

I'm a spoiled rotten little girl, and I appreciate that more then anything!

Thank you once more everyone for the support!
Dottie ^_^
Tattoo Girl

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