Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Few Notes On a Few Beers

Platinum Bud Light 
As quite a few of you have noticed Bud Light has brought out yet another beer. I, as most of you are probably thinking, thought
"Great another Bud product. It's going to be just like the rest of Bud products."
I looked over the packaging. Pretty cobalt blue glass bottle, higher alcohol content of 6%, silver looking box. You know nothing to special. Until you pop it open. It's not a twist top, so have your Bic or a church key handy! The beer itself had this very light refreshing smell, which surprised me! I do not like bud light in the least bit. So was skeptical about this. The flavor slid over my tongue and down my throat with ease and before I knew it I was opening another and enjoying it! It has a very light ever so slightly  creamy taste to it! Ladies this is a must try for you! Especially if you like the sweeter beers as I do! It's not sweet....just simply smooth. So pick up a 6 pack and give it your own review! Don't just take my word for it!

Liefman's Fruitesse
This is a great blended beer! The flavor is not overly sweet and you are able to taste the smoothness of the beer within it! It lingers of the tongue as it fills your mouth with delicious fresh berry flavors! What is the difference between this sweet beer and all the others? Well, the point of fact the beer itself is aged for 18 months on cherries to a nice maturity before it is blended with other natural juices! Liefman also makes a Goudenband as well. It is on my list to try soon!

Crispin Cider Cho Tokkyu
Sake? Cider? Amazing I tell you! This is a sake lover's beer! Such a well blended cider that is not overly sweet, but not overly dry. One of the things I love about Crispin is how each bottle tastes as if you are biting into a fresh apple. Now add your favorite sake flavor to this....BAM! Instant deliciousness! I love the smooth dryness that this Particular Cider has. And yet the sweetness of the fresh apple taste to balance it within your mouth! Also a great Reminder this is a Gluten Free Cider!

Terrapin Moo Hoo
Warning: Winter Seasonal Beer!
Love a good stout beer? I do! Love chocolate? What girl doesn't! Put the two together and what do you get? A freaking smooth stout with a perfectly smooth chocolate finish! Tasting this beer was as if a piece of Heaven was in my hand! One of the things I love about this beer is how they use real chocolate in it! The only bad thing is that it comes in a FOUR pack! UGH!!!!

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