Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Twisted Chocolate Covered Cherries

Tis the season for Chocolate covered cherries! But, not the ones from the grocery store! I have found that homemade ones are much better and add that personal touch this time of the year calls for! They create a delicious orgasm in the mouth that is unbelievable! Or so I've been told from the lucky few who have had the chance to try out my Twisted Chocolate Covered Cherries! As well as my own personal opinion! I have to be careful as to how many of these I keep in the house or I am in biiiiiig trouble!

Now you are probably thinking, how in the world do you make them! Enough jibber jabber spill the beans! Which I shall be more then happy to do! I've put together a lovely simple straight forward video to show you how to make them. Then as you read on I'll have more detailed instructions as well as some wonderful pictures of gifting ideas! So please sit back and be prepared to smile and laugh. For I do rather think I'm a rather silly girl!

Basic Truffle Recipe
12-16 oz bag of chocolate chips or melts
1/3 cup Heavy Whipping Cream

1. In a double boiler melt down chocolate and cream until it is a smooth texture similar to icing.
2. Place in the refrigerator until it is moldable to create balls out of.
3. Make lots of great chocolate balls and freeze!

Now instead of doing steps 2 and 3 remember you are rolling your cherries while the chocolate is still hot! Much easier! I have tried to mold the chocolate around the cherries....it didn't work so well to say the least.

 If you were paying attention you would have noticed that I had made mention of the different chocolates I was using.
Dark Chocolate, Semi-Sweet, and white chocolate chips are what I use for the actual candy. Also Melts. They are what you find in the crafting aisles and craft stores. They are already colored and ready to go! They are white chocolate based and very easy to work with!

Right now you will notice that the Almond Bark chocolate is rather inexpensive. Not sure what I'm talking about...it's that inexpensive block artificially flavored chocolate. Don't use it for this! It isn't meant to have things added to it. Get some for sure though! It is great for doing an easy drizzle over the candies as well as for pretzels! Just melt it in the double boiler after everything is set and ready to go!

Things Needed
Double Boiler (as simple as a large pot and a glass bowl that fits snugly)
12-16oz bag of chocolate
1/3 cup favorite alcohol or heavy whipping cream
1 large jar of cherries (drain but save the juice!)
1 large spoon
1 small spoon
rubber muffin pan
wax paper
a cookie pan that will fit into the freezer

White chocolate is the easiest to work with! I would suggest beginning with that. I used St. Brenden's Irish cream in the video and it was amazing! Just try using your favorite alcohol!

One thing to keep in mind while working with the dark and semi sweet chocolate it doesn't blend as well. I ended up adding a total of 2/3 cup of cherry schnapps as well as a splash of the cherry juice.

If you are using just plain heavy whipping cream a 1/3 cup is plenty and it will blend just fine. Try adding different flavors such as peppermint, almond, or just plain vanilla as well.

Add the chocolate and 1/3 cup cherry schnapps to the double boiler.
Once it melts completely add another 1/3 cup of schnapps.
Stir it in fully and add 1 Tablespoon of cherry juice that you had drained earlier.
You want the texture to be smooth and a medium thickness similar to an icing.
Add a little juice at a time until you have the desired texture.

The trick to covering the cherries is keeping the chocolate moving and coating the cherry over and over.
Make sure you put a thick coat. Come on who doesn't like chocolate!

One of the things I've found is that if you place the wax paper on the pan it makes it much easier to get the cherries to the freezer! Egad did I figure that out the hard way! I used plates as well to use my smaller freezer.


This is my favorite part! Especially since my hubbs decided to surprise me today with peppermint sprinkles!!! I'm so excited about these and will be using them soon!
On that note, part of the fun is finding unique sprinkles and decorating items!
I've tried a few techniques out so far. These aren't the only ones available.

Easiest: Pressing the sprinkles into the chocolate when it is still soft and warm. Before you put them in the freezer.

Medium: Using icing. The icing doesn't stick to the chocolate very well. But it does work.

Hardest: If you don't have time to decorate before you need to freeze them...I do suggest this instead of the icing!

Melt down some chocolate adding nothing to it.
You won't need much, so begin with a little bit. You can always add more as you go.
I suggest tearing a small piece of wax paper, so that you can put a dollop of chocolate on it.
I used my finger...like a dumb butt. ;)
If you have the patience use tweezers to dip individual sprinkles into the chocolate to place onto of the cherries.
No, patience? I understand. Instead place a small dollop on top of the actual chocolate cherry and dip it into the sprinkles. Or place individual sprinkles on the dollop in a pretty design!
I still had this box lying around and decided to show how
easy it can be to transform it into something nice!
Try adding ribbon or even just wrapping paper!
But remember it's what's on the inside that matters!

I love this! Just a simple clear cellophane bag
and ribbon! 

This is great just to have on the table!
Pretty and creative.
As well as delicious!

Who doesn't like a bag of chocolate!

Pretty tins are easy and can be inexpensive!

There are so many options and possibilities! All I've done is given you a light frame work to work with. Take this and expand with it! Create these delicacies for your next get together and wow family and friends a like!
Good Luck!
Dottie ^_^

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