Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oh me oh my...could it be? Oh yes it is! Crispin a gluten free cider!

Yes! You read it right! This delicious
Hard Apple Cider is AMAZING!!!!!

It took me by storm! Overriding all thought process to my brain cells. All I could think of was...WOW...Hot damn what a great cider! It is lighter then most ciders. But the flavor...-catches breath at the remembered flavor- goes beyond words!

It was so light, so fresh! It tasted as if I had just bitten into a freshly picked green apple! The smell of this cider entices you to breathe deeper of this fresh intoxicating scent. The scent itself is much lighter and fresher then most. The body so light and smooth as it slides over your taste buds and down your throat. The lingering flavor, believe it or not, is just as rememberable and delicious as the cider itself.

This is on my must try list! One of my top 10 I would think!
For all of my Vegan Readers! MUST TRY!
This Cider will definitely have a special place on my shelf this holiday season!
Dottie ^_^

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