Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Different Side to Tuna

I love a thick slice of tuna steak! Grilled to perfection and seasoned just perfectly! But, that is for a later blog. Now because I am unable to have this delicacy on a regular basis, I have created quite a delicious tuna "steak" substitute. Lightly seasoned and easily cooked, this uses most things you have in your pantry on a regular basis.

Tuna "Steak"

2 small cans Tuna (drained of course)
1 egg
1/2 cup Panko- Japanese style Bread Crumbs (or just your preferred style bread crumbs)
Generous sprinkle of McCormick Steak Seasoning.
2 cap fulls of Dale's Steak Seasoning

Mix everything together. Add the bread crumbs last.
Adjust seasonings to taste...don't be afraid to add your favorites!
Adjust the bread crumbs as desired. Either more or less.
Make small or large patties and cook thoroughly on the skillet! (until each side is a soft golden brown)

If you make a larger patty, try it on a hamburger with a slice of cheese.
The smaller patties make a great finger food.
I can actually get my two kids (2 years and 1 year old, the oldest being a picky eater) to eat these!
Don't be afraid to try your favorite sauces for dipping either!
I hope this recipe meets with approval and happy taste buds! Be creative and add other things!
Dottie ^_^ 11/5/2011

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