Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Drink Ideas!

Once you get to where you are going you really don't want to mess around with intricate multi-ingrediant drinks. So here are a few of my favorites to make your weeked at least that much easier!

Please remember to drink a lot of water and sports drinks this Weekend. Believe it or not you can drink to much water. So be sure to space it out with other things as well!

Just be save and Don't Drink and Drive people! Either Have a DD or stay wherever you are going. You never know what could happen. So just don't take the chance!
Thanks and have an awsome weekend!
Dottie ^_^

Citrus Vodka/Rum
Pink Lemonade (You can by singles of this for water bottles!)
Craberry Juice (for something a little drier and tarter)

Spiced Rum
A&W Rootbeer (smooth and sweet. tastes like a rootbeer float!)
Dr. Pepper
Ginger Ale (Taste like cream soda)
Cream Soda (I personally didn't care mixing with cream came across as to sweet to me)

Vanilla Vodka/Rum
Honestly this tastes good with anything. My personal Favs though:
Orange Juice (orange cream cicle)
Red Bull
Dr. Pepper

Plain Vodka
These are my favs as well as some additional info:

Pearl  (great for martinis!)
Pinnacle  (whipped vodka!)
Ruskova  (smooth great for mixing!)
Smirnoff  (The Flavor variety is great)

Bacardi (Great selection on Flavors)
Jack (The coconut is amazing in pina coladas!)
Cruzan (smooth)
Captain Morgan (Fav for root beer)

Now please note I'm not much of a beer drinker. These are ones I've enjoyed.

Woodchuck (cider)
Magner (Irish cider. Not as sweet as american ciders)
Wild Blue (Delicious Blueberry Beer.)
Paulaner (Hefeweizen) (delightfully smooth!)

Castello del Poggio (moscato {personal fav})

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