Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I am an avid Coffee lover. As is my little girl, Marilyn Deville. She started to drink coffee as soon as she started walking and got her hands on her Mami's (Grandma) coffee mug and took a sip. Ever since then we have to pry her little fingers off of our coffee mugs if we want to be able to drink any ourselves!

Today we tried out Dunkin Donuts Cinnamon Spice. It's a very delicious strong coffee. So be careful as to the amount of grinds you use! I love cinnamon in my coffee, so was very happy when my husband brought this home as a surprise for me! The flavor has a very strong cinnamon taste, unlike some of the brands out there that say cinnamon. No need to add any extra! Extrememly happy with this flavor from Dunkin Donuts, as is my little Marilyn!
Dottie ^_^

My sweet husband will bring me home new brands and flavors to try as a surprise! So this past weekend he brought me home something exceptionally delicious!

New England Coffee

Blueberry Cobbler: I wasn't prepared for how delicious this was going to be! I'm normally not much of a fan of blueberry. But oh my god! This was full of flavor and creaminess! I add sugar and cream to mine and it was as if I was having dessert in a cup! On the bag it suggests to try it cold. Well, why the hell not? It's even better COLD!  I prefer it cold actually. I use either cream or milk with sugar over ice.

Hazelnut Creme Decaf: My hubbs knows how much I love hazelnut coffee. Which is a LOT! Hehehe. I was rather disappointed at first to see that it was decaf. But after trying it and having a day where I didn't want the extra caffeine. I was grateful to have it. The flavor was just as intense as the regular caffeinated coffee. I was very happy and surprised!

 I'm looking forward to trying the other flavors as well. To let you in on a little secret...I like this brand better then any of the name brands so far! It's just that good!

Eight O'clock Coffee
This was another pleasant surprise for me. I had tried the regular a long time ago, but wasn't that impressed. I had tied the hazelnut on a whim, one because the price was right, as well as curiosity. The flavor was nice and strong. A wonderful budget coffee, right up there with the name brands. :)

Dottie ^_^

Holiday Flavored Coffee
With the Holidays being here so many flavor options are becoming available! How awsome is that! To say that I'm in heaven is an understatement! Mmmmmm.......coffee on a cold day is just the bestest thing ever!

On whim I decided to try out pumpkin coffee. I'm thinking "Awsome! Can't wait to try this out!" Well...not so impressed with this holiday flavor.

Archer Farms (Target)
Where's the flavor? It was smelling pretty good while it was brewing...but the flavor I was looking for just wasn't there! To say the least... disappointed.
Dunkin Donuts
This was actually pretty good. But I wouldn't buy more then one bag. Once again I just wasn't very impressed with the strength of the flavor. I was looking for the "Pow! In your face taste buds!" kind of flavor. But, very happy to have a bag of this Pumpkin Spice coffee anyways!

Private Selection (Kroger)
Chocolate Raspberry....oh my this flavor was amazing! I'm not a big raspberry fan, but adding a little bit of creamer to this....it was as if I were having a decadent dessert in my coffee mug! As it brews the smell just lures you to the kitchen and to the coffee pot itself. I stood there like an idiot waiting for it to finish brewing! A must try!

Now, this is my favorite flavor of the season! Of course my wonderful hubby brought this home to me as a surprise. As he did with the chocolate raspberry! The bag was unmarked and when I opened it and took a deep breath I was in Heaven! Peppermint! The scent of this freshly ground....yes he ground it fresh at the store for me!!!....pulled me in! I was so eager to get to work to try it out and share! Of course my boss didn't like this flavor and made fun of me! The booger! hehehehe. But, out of all of the flavors out there, this is a must have for Christmas morning!

Dottie ^_^

Dunkin Donuts
Strawberry Shortcake.....to say the least....Heaven. I really wasn't sure what I was going to think about this flavor. I'm not a huge strawberry fan when it comes to drinks. But this seriously tastes just like a strawberry shortcake! Especially if you add a little creamer and sugar to taste! Grab some glazed donuts and you've got a breakfast of champions! This is a must try! One of my top favorite flavors!

Easy Iced Coffee
Why waste money on having someone make you iced coffee when you can easily do it at home! Also try making it the night before without the ice and just leave it in the fridge for the morning!

Brew your favorite flavor of coffee....try hazelnut!
Using your favorite mug: Pour a 3/4 cup of coffee.
Add your usual amount of cream and sugar.
 Fill the rest with milk.
Then in another glass full of ice pour the hot coffee!
Stir and enjoy! Add more ice as needed.
Try using chocolate milk instead of regular milk!

You can find me doing this at work it's so easy!

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