Sunday, September 25, 2011

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

As you place the bottle of Captain Morgan on the counter in front of me normally the first words you will hear from me are, "Have we had the Root Beer Discussion?"

I bet you are wondering, "How in the world did she even think to try it with root beer!" Well, let me tell you.  My sweet wonderful husband had surprised me with a bottle of Captain. But the dumb ass had forgotten to buy me a Coke to go with it! At this point after a day with my first child and work I was more then ready for a drink! His reaction to me asking about the coke was rather humorous. He of course apologized profusely! Opening the fridge I had found the root beer and said, "What the hell, why not!"

This was the best mistake my hubby ever made. LOL! But if he had remember the coke I would never had discovered this amazing drink.

The proportions are always up to you. But I suggest making it as you would a Screwdriver (vodka and OJ). A quarter to one third of a glass full of ice the rest root beer. I have been known to go half and half with mine! The trick to make it super smooth and delicious is to use A&W Root Beer!

Different Root Beers I've tried with Captain Morgan

Barq's - This is my least favorite.
IBC- Is ok. Smoother then Barq's
Store Brand- is my mid range and preferred if I'm unable to get A&W or on a budget

A&W- Is by far my top favorite!

Now I have also had Captain with IBC cream soda and Ginger Ale.
Cream Soda- To sweet.
Ginger Ale- Tastes like cream soda and is pretty smooth.

Root Beer Float

Pint Glass (Your average glass)
Fill at least halfway with ice to all the way

1/4 of the glass of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
The rest A&W Root Beer
Stir really well and continue to stir as you sip on this delicious relaxing drink!

Dottie ^_^


  1. This sounds pretty good! Usually root beer isn't a great mixer, but Captain Morgan's might be just the ticket!

    You've got an interesting blog here, Dottie... and a brand new Follower! :)

  2. Hey, I talked to you yesterday about this blog. I bought some GOldschlager and I made cinnimon Vodka, I was attempting to make cinnamon martini's for my holiday party tomorrow. We made a test one last night and ICK! The cinnamon was so overpowering it burned. Any ideas what else we could mix with this to make it a little smoother? I have seen a million recipes that add, milk, cream, liquors but I'm not a fan of dairy with alcohol. Let me know if you have any other ideas... Maybe apple cider?

  3. So I had replied to this comment but it had never posted! I am so sorry! But, I had agreed that hot apple cider would be awsome as well as maybe a splash of cranberry juice. I haven't had much experience actually mixing cinnamon. So I've bought a bottle of my own and I'm going to experiment. I'm hoping that you were able to find something! I can't believe it didn't post!
    Dottie -_-