Wednesday, January 31, 2018


So I'm pretty lame. I've got a pretty cool blog, so I think, that I just never update anymore! It's been over a year easily! Wow! The only defense that I have is that I'm lazy and my two kids are growing up so fast! They do keep me busy. No excuse though really to ignore you guys!.....I am pretty lazy though. Lol!

Ok, moving on! The whole reason that brought me back to my blog!


Bubba's Secret Stills Brown Spice Liqueur

This stuff is fucking amazing!!!!

It came out in November 2017 in a 750ml bottle. It's the only size that I'm aware of that they make.

I have re-purchased this bottle is how good it is!

So what the hell is it you ask?

Do you like pecan pie? Brown sugar? All sorts of amazing sweetness?

I sure do!

Think old school brown sugar, real butter, caramelized on the stove top, add in those classic pecan pie spices and a smooth whiskey base! Yush!!!!

For all of my Fireball drinkers out there this is for you! Bubba's is in the same sweetness realm, just way smoother and a higher alcohol content. Fireball has a 66 proof, where as Bubba's has a 70 proof alcohol content!

Now please keep in mind they are two completely different flavors! Fireball is obviously cinnamon, where as Bubba's has that great brown sugar flavor!

For my purist out there, Bubba's is amazing straight out of the bottle! I actually recommend that everyone try it this way before any other way! It's how I personally fell in love with it.

My personal favorite and highly recommended ways to drink Bubba's:

-Straight from the bottle....I mean in a glass.

-over ice

-with Root Beer! For a really sweet drink.

-ginger ale for a little less sweet then the root beer.


-I personally thought Coke tasted disgusting with this. I actually dumped out half a drink because of it.

I'm still exploring other ideas with this! I also hope to come up with a recipe for you as well later on!
I hope they have this at your local shop!
Happy drinking my friends!

Ms. Amazing

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

RumHaven and Laughter

So I had thought about attempting Vlogging. You know, where ya carry your camera around and record yourself....yep no. Unless it's totally spontaneous, so not happening!
My attempt was hilarious and an utter fail!
So instead I'll just leave my thoughts right here until I figure out that whole recording shenanigans! I still wanna do it....buuuut just not right now!
So the whole point of this entry is to fill you guys  in on one of my summer picks!!!
Rumhaven Coconut Rum
It's a deliciously smooth coconut rum that I enjoy straight out of the bottle! What makes this coconut rum so seamlessly smooth is how the creators blend premium Caribbean rum with a smooth coconut water! This rum has no syrupy sun tanning lotiony after taste!!!
I have been an avid drinker of Cruzan Coconut Rum, Malibu Rum, and Parrot Bay. Rumhaven has kicked all other bottles out of my house and replaced them! I highly suggest you try a bottle for yourself.
Now the big queation. How to mix it.
I prefer things simple and easy with little fuss...normally. Bahahaha!
My two favorite ways to enjoy RumHaven are:
Drink 1:
Fresh Lime.
RumHaven Coconut Rum.
Sip and enjoy!
Depending on the size of the lime will depend on how much you use. Think generous!!! At the very least a quarter wedge is good! It is rare to have to much Fresh lime in your drink!
Drink 2:
Fresh Lime.
1/3-1/2 of the glass RumHaven Coconut Rum
Top off with Sprite.
Stir and enjoy!!!
I specifically say Sprite because of the specific taste and fizziness! 7up just comes across as to bland, but will be ok.
Now what makes this the best pool drink are a few things.
1. It's simple and portable.
Pour some Rumhaven into a water bottle and label it with a skull and crossbones!
Pre-cut some limes and keep them in a ziploc  and you are good to go for over ice and no hassle!
3. Prep your RumHaven and sprite in 20oz bottles before going poolside and
-no need to measure.
-worry about glass
-or share your loot!
4. Just like most flavored rums the alcohol content is lower so you won't be shit faced at the pool, but very laidback and cool instead!
5. Buzzed, not shit faced makes sure you keep your new friends!
Now, I've enjoyed the shits and the giggles.
I'll keep the giggles and you take the shits,
And I'll see your happy asses next time round!
Thanks to all my faithful readers!
You make this all worth it!
Dottie >^_^<

P.S. My sprite was flat, my lime went bad and I really wanted a drink! This in part influenced my need to post on my blog. So in my picture I have mixed Rumhaven with Gatorade Frost Cherry. Not awful, but not the best either. I wish I had a lime right now. -_-

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

 Where has all the time gone! I have been away for ages! I have had a few of my faithful readers ask me what the fuck was I doing? Would I be updating anymore? As I have stated more then a few times I just needed to take a moment to be a mom. IT HAS BEEN AH-MAZING!!!

What made me decide to start blogging again?

Well, I've come across a few favorite drinks at work! I just can't stop talking about them!

NOPE! I won't be telling you about them this entry. I want to give them their own crowning glory each!

I am debating about starting a youtube channel up!
1. I think it would be a lot of fun!
2. A great way to demonstrate some simple drink making skills.
4. Cooking/baking fun.
3. The shits and the giggles!!!

^^^notice that I can't count....Decided to leave it cause I think my train of thought was kinda funny!

I won't be starting that until August. If I decide to go ahead with it. If I do, I have plans to update about once a week.

Give me some feedback on this faithful followers! I'd love to know if this might be something you might want to see! Also what you might want to see me make! Either drink or food!

Happy reading my Faithful Readers!
Ms. Amazing >^_^<

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Took Time To Be a Mom

For those of you who have been faithful and continued to check on my blog in hopes inhave updated it.

Thank you.

I had needed to take time to just be a mom. It has been wonderful! I am now ready to jump back into social media and get things rolling!
I have a few plans, so be excited!

I hope to get a youtube channel going for reviews and drink making tips!

I also am working on a fun comic book type thing. I'll have links to all those shenanigans later on.

I'm stoked to share everything.....almost...everything in my head with all of you!

I'll be posting soon!
Ms. Amazing

Monday, April 14, 2014

Is it true?

Hooray for Spring....

-takes a moment to think about the full impact of this-

Yes, thinking of the impact on everyone's noses!!! Egad!!
Please Don't sneeze on me!

Moving on.......So I have been in the kitchen rocking out a new recipe. The only thing is that I Made a small patch of  the cake. I still need to make a large one to see how it comes out. What is it? I'm not telling! I will give you a hint though. I used Jager Spice in it.

    YES!!!! THe Jager Spice is actually really amzing! Super smooth and full of flavor! It starts off with a soft vanilla cinnamon note and moves onto the classic Jager flavor that underlies and enhances the smooth combo! I am in LOOOOVE!!!
    I have only tried it straight up and in the cake I've made. I still have more food plans for it! BUT!!! During last christmas when it was introduced to us, my co workers tried it with Eggnog and loved it! Room temp is best and suggested for it. That doesn't mean it's the only way to drink it though! I look forward to trying out other drink ideas with it on top of this all......maybe while I make the larger cake! Woohoo!!!!

   Now That I have re-entered the world of blogging once more I hope to show my ass a bit more! Thank you to all  my dedicated readers who have kept tabs
on me and my slow posting ass! Thank you to all my new readers who have taken the time to check out my shenanigans here!
On that note!
Everyone Have an amazing time trying out one or the other of my wonderful recipes here!

The Amazing Dottie ^_^

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Vegan Tofu Salad

Hello my faithful and new readers!
   My Best (GA) Friend, Sara, is a vegan. Normally you might think...oh of those! What a pain in the ass to go out with to get a bite to eat. We can't eat there because it doesn't have anything they can eat. Or we can't eat there because they might find it offensive. And blah blah blah.

   I love meat. Period end of story. I love to smother it in real butter and mushrooms. I love to make sandwiches out of it. I love to eat a huge hunk of it on my plate! What's great....she doesn't mind. She understands it's her choice to be the way she is and to eat as she does. She respects me and I respect her and it's why we are best friends!

   Sara knows how I hate to drive. So she is ok with driving out to my house once a week and we hang out. Get our bestie time in! I'm not going to really go out of my way to have vegan things in my house. Guess what.....I don't have to. I love to create fun new vegan recipes and try them out on her! Let me tell you something....they are actually really yummy! So it works....She drives to my house. I cook some yummy vegan shit....and we are both happy without having to spend a shit ton of money to go out to eat somewhere that may or may not have something she can eat.

  It's really simple. I just check the ingredients out. Ask her about anything in particular. Make a list and see if Kroger or Walmart carry it. Kroger in general has everything I need! It's also inexpensive! The only things I've really gone out of my way to get is Silk vanilla almond milk, Earth Balance vegan butter, and Agave Nectar. That's it. Now that it's becoming our weekly tradition I'm slowly adding to my vegan pantry. I'm enjoying the challenge of coming up with something new each week for us.

So this past week I was having a craving for Fried Tofu. I had this at work a few times and looooove it! So decided to try making it myself. It worked! The salad came out delicious!

Fried Tofu Salad.
Firm Tofu
fried onions (you know the canned ones!)
Extra virgin olive oil
Apple cider vinegar

Follow these directions for awsome tofu!

Rinse your spinach..
Slice your apple and baby carrots.
Pile them on top of the spinach.
Drizzle a bit of extra virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar over it.
Top with the tofu and fried onion pieces.
And there you go! A delicious Fried Tofu Salad!

This has great flavor and is actually good for you as well. So bonus!!!
And NO!!!! No calorie counting allowed on my blog!
So, no, I don't have a calorie count for you.
You should enjoy food. Not stress over it!

Happy Eating!
Dottie ^_^

Thursday, January 16, 2014

two months!!! REALLY!!!!

Egad! has it really been TWO whole months since I last posted on here! WOW!!!! Talk about a Lazy ass! Ok I actually have a valid reason why I haven't posted.....well two actually.

Reason 1: I and my family were sick. When I say sick....I mean SICK! I was the worst off. Which is ok because I handle it better. All better now. Yay!!!

Reason 2: I am actually working on creating my own business. Does it have to do with food.....not at the moment. But, that is never far from my little thoughts! It's a body care line of products. So that is what I have been researching and cooking in my kitchen!

Where is the food you ask? Well, I did manage to put something together today. Super simple and super easy!

Easy Cinnamon Rolls
1 can biscuits

1 Tbs butter (room temp)
Splash of milk
Powder sugar

Grab a pan and spray it down.
Preheat your oven as the directions on the biscuits say.
open said can of biscuits.
Place on pan.
Sprinkle with sugar, then cinnamon.
Bake according to directions.

Using a fork. place butter and three spoons of powder sugar in a bowl.
Smash the butter into the sugar until it is tiny tiny crumbles.
easier to do then you think.
add a splash of milk.
now alternate between powder sugar and milk until you get the consistency you want.
I prefer mine think because it melts down so nicely on the hot biscuits!

When the biscuits come out, place a spoonful of icing in the center of each biscuit.
No need to smear it! it will melt and dribble all over the biscuit perfectly!

Nice easy and no fuss!

wanna add a kick? Instead of using milk use your favorite liqueur!
Baileys and Fireball are two great choices!

Hopefully I'll get my act back together and start getting shit posted!
Take care and happy eating!!!!
Dottie ^_^